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What is a casement window? Delving into features, benefits and costs

Almost 300 years after it appeared, the humble casement window has become a design classic and is still used in homes old and new right across Britain. It is the most practical and versatile of all window designs, charming the nation’s homeowners with its elegant understatement.

In this blog we’ll have a look at what makes the casement window so popular, referencing examples of these windows from our own range, which we install in homes right across Kent and the South East.

upvc white casement window

What is a casement window?

In basic terms, a casement window is one that has a hinge and swings open with the help of a handle (which usually also acts as a lock). Older casement windows tend to feature a ‘stay’, a bar with holes drilled into it that keeps the window on a latch. Newer uPVC casement windows have enough inbuilt strength to be wind-resistant, and therefore don’t need the old-fashioned stay. This simple design enables the window to capture even mild breezes as the opened window funnels air into the home.

The casement window is known for its versatile design. When not in use it can fit flush to the window frame, and it can be pushed open as widely or as narrowly as you require. It’s easy to fit and with the minimum of care (especially if it’s made from uPVC) it will last for many years to come. Flush casement windows make for a very slim profile on the building’s facade and can save space.

What are the benefits of choosing casement windows over other styles?

When compared to other types of windows such sash windows, tilt & turns and flush sash windows, casement style windows offer incredible versatility, and fit in beautifully with older properties as well as more modern homes. The configurations of glass panes and the size of the frame can be easily adapted and customised to suit the style of any building. The practicality and versatility of uPVC casement window types makes the style a firm favourite in homes across the UK.

white upvc casement bay window

Are there any disadvantages to choosing casement windows?

uPVC windows in casement styles offer excellent thermal performance, security and stye – the only cons are that the mechanisms require occasional cleaning to prevent dirt build-up and this style of window opens outward, so they may not be suitable for areas with limited exterior space.

The excellent thermal performance of uPVC

The main reason for homeowners seeking a replacement window is because their old window is letting cold air in and warm air out. Our selection of casement windows is A+ rated, showcasing their energy efficiency and thermal excellence while still ensuring that your home gets plenty of natural light. The high-quality frames make for a tight seal, trapping heat within the home but also helping with external noise reduction. They are also sealed against the worst of the British weather, with the result that your rooms will feel warm and comfortable – saving you money in the long run in terms of energy consumption.

Our casement windows also allow for plenty of ventilation and fresh air when needed.

Versatile and easy to operate

The casement window’s ease of use has appealed to homeowners for hundreds of years. Our windows are available in both side-hung and top-hung variations with either chamfered or ovolo beadings. As a design classic, the casement window is an excellent match for almost any kind of property, from traditional country cottages to architect-designed, ultra-modern new builds. Our uPVC casement windows need very little maintenance – a quick wipe-down with a cloth every few months or so will keep them dust and grit free, making sure they operate seamlessly every time.

A range of colour options

Humble it may be, but the casement window doesn’t need to be boring! We offer uPVC casement windows in a variety of colour options, all the way from classic white through to on-trend Chartwell Green and Agate Grey. We also supply our casements in different finishes including golden oak and rosewood, perfect for rural properties or homes in conservation areas.

upvc white casement windows

Security for peace of mind

Durable uPVC doesn’t just excel at keeping the elements out – it also provides a highly effective barrier against potential intruders. Modern casement windows are strong and come with secure locking mechanisms. Strong frames and robust multi-point locks make the single casement window a great choice for protecting your home.

The cost of uPVC

In terms of cost, every home improvement project is different and so there is no one set price for casement windows. However, compared to some other options, the single casement window design is extremely affordable. To get a more accurate idea of how much your new casement windows will cost, get in touch for a free quote!

New casement windows from Amazing Glazing

Are you interested in seeing for yourself why casement styles are among the most popular types of windows in the UK? Get in touch to find out more about the various styles we offer.

Here at Amazing Glazing we have 35 years of experience as installers of windows and doors. We carry out every job, large or small, with customer satisfaction at the top of our list of priorities. We work with homeowners right across Kent to make sure the casement window you’ve ordered will give you years of practicality and pleasure whenever you turn the handle! For more information, contact us here for a free quote or give us a call on 0800 062 2103.

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