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Is it worth putting a warm roof on a conservatory?

For many years now, conservatories have been the most popular form of extension for UK homeowners. They are adaptable, flexible spaces that can be used for a variety of activities – everything from a home office to a mini gym to a TV room.

The problem is that conservatories – mainly older models – can suffer from temperature extremes. Chilly in the winter and stuffy in the summer, the older conservatory needs much more TLC than its modern, well-insulated 21st century equivalent. Anyone who has owned a conservatory for 30 years or more will know what an effort it can be to keep such buildings temperate.

Is there a solution? Yes – there are a couple of options. You could knock the entire thing down and build a new one. But that’s costly and messy, and it might be the case that building regulations have changed in your area, meaning that council permission is now needed.

Given that roof is the most significant source of heat loss in older conservatories, it could be that you might consider replacing the roof with a lightweight, thermally insulated model. These are highly effective but again, expensive.

There is a third option, a solution that is neither messy nor unaffordable. Here at Amazing Glazing we offer top of the range insulated panels that will fit under an existing roof, transforming your conservatory with minimal fuss and great environmental benefits, giving you a truly ‘warm roof’.

What is a ‘Warm Roof’ system?

As the name suggests, the insulating panels we install in your conservatory provide a thermal barrier to prevent heat from escaping during the winter and protects against overheating during the summer. We don’t need to compromise the original design of the space; thanks to clever engineering we can closely follow the shape of the roof structure with our high performance insulation panels.

What are the benefits of having a Warm Roof fitted?

  • Thermal efficiency. Having insulated panels fitted will improve the thermal performance of your conservatory significantly. Gone are the winter days when you needed to drag in a plug-in heater, or the times in summer when all the windows and doors need to be open. Our panels will help to maintain a consistent temperature with exceptional thermal performance, saving you worry – and money on heating bills!
  • Speedy installation. We all know the disruption that inevitably occurs when builders arrive, no matter how clean and tidy they are. Our conservatory warm roof insulation can be installed in as little as 1-2 days, meaning much less hassle and disruption to your home.
  • Better sound insulation. You’ll probably know what rain or hailstone sounds like on an older conservatory roof – as though the ceiling is coming in! Insulated panels help to dampen the sound of the elements on your roof, making for a much quieter and more relaxing environment.

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Suitable for most conservatory roofs

Whether your roof is glass or polycarbonate, we’re able to install our conservatory ceiling insulation with minimum impact on your home, creating a quick and easy upgrade solution. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lean-to, Edwardian, Victorian, or P-Shaped model, our roof insulation can be installed in good time and with little fuss.

Loss of light?

Inevitably, there will be some loss of light attached to having a warm conservatory roof installed. However, that impact will be relatively small, and a good balance will be struck between energy efficiency and natural light. In fact, your conservatory will be far less prone to overheating from solar gain during the summer, and heat loss through the roof during cooler months is significantly reduced too. Also, reduced glare and UV rays from the roof have advantages for plants and are less likely to damage any furniture or fabrics too.

If you’re wondering how to upgrade your older conservatory without starting from ground zero, conservatory roof insulation panels provide a more comfortable living space, energy savings and protection from weather extremes. Plus, given the amount of heat loss from poorly insulated older conservatories, a return on investment is guaranteed thanks to the superior insulation and the amount that is saved on energy bills.

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