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Exploring the beauty and benefits of casement windows in Kent

Need new casement windows in Kent? Our team offers expert installation and a wide range of options to choose from. Check out our blog for more details.

If there was ever a vote for the most popular style of window in the UK, there is no doubt at all that the casement would be a strong contender for the top spot. This simple, unobtrusive yet highly durable design has been a staple of British housebuilding since the 18th century, replacing stone mullioned frames with one made of cast iron.

The iron frames are long gone but even in the 21st century the simplicity of the casement’s operation remains: a hinged window that opens outwards by means of turning a handle and pushing. That’s it – no ropes, no counterweights, no sticky sliding up and down sash; just the mechanics of a design classic in action.

Here at Amazing Glazing we’re proud to be the premier installers of the highest quality casement windows right across Kent and the South East. Years of experience has enabled us to give the personal touch to any and every job we take on, backed by an excellent reputation for delivering superb products at a competitive price.

So let’s take a closer look at the casement window, and how they benefit the many satisfied customers who’ve had them installed by us.

upvc white casement window

Excellent energy efficiency

In these difficult economic times, we’re all focused on saving money where we can. And if you have singled-glazed windows or double glazed units that are long past their best, you will know that money can literally fly out of the window. Using modern uPVC, our casement windows offer the very best in thermal performance, right up to A+ performance rating. The engineered frames and robust double glazing traps heat indoors, making sure that your home is warm and cosy, and you save on energy bills. What happens in summer though? Well, uPVC windows have cooling properties, keeping outside heat out and letting natural light in. Because casement windows open fully they also let in a maximum amount of air. So a result all year round!

Versatile style

As we’ve mentioned, the casement window has been a staple of British architecture for more than 250 years. The simplicity of its design is a big reason for its continued popularity, and due to its sleek lines and flush finish the casement is popular right across the country. In fact, it would be very difficult to think of any type of house in the Kent property market that the casement wouldn’t be at home in. From ultra modern to the traditional look of a country cottage, the casement window sits comfortably in any built environment, enhancing its surroundings with its subtle yet solid looks.

white upvc casement window

Easy to maintain

Many people are keen on traditional wooden window frames, and for good reason. They look great, they’re in keeping with many of Britain’s housing styles going back centuries and they work particularly well in conservation areas and within listed buildings. However, they’re not easy to maintain and without regular attention they can quickly rot. This isn’t the case with uPVC. The most it needs is a quick wipe down every so often. And…uPVC is now becoming popular in conservation areas because it can be styled to look exactly like a heritage wooden window. Which brings us on to…

A wide range of colours

There was a time when uPVC windows, including casements, came in one colour only – white. And, it must be said, white is still a very popular colour today. But it’s certainly not the only option. Advances in paint technology means that your uPVC casement window can now be manufactured in a variety of colours to suit any taste or style of house. Agate Grey and Chartwell Green are immensely popular now, and if you happen to live in a conservation area there are options in Golden Oak and Rosewood which perfectly mimic the appearance of woodgrain. These latter options have been proven to satisfy planning regulations in conservation areas and are a great choice for older houses.

chartwell green upvc windows

Top grade security

When it comes to windows, looks are important – but so is security. Insecure windows have always been an easy way for burglars to enter a property, especially those with single glazing and older wooden frames. However, when it comes to uPVC casement windows, potential intruders have an almost impossible challenge on their hands. Due to their strong frames and robust multi-point locks, our casement windows are a great way of protecting your home against even the most determined interloper. Your peace of mind is ours too, which is why we always go the extra mile in terms of security.

To conclude, casement windows are an excellent choice for any style of home. Every frame comes made to measure and is engineered specifically for the project you have in mind. Side-hung or top-hung, with chamfered or ovolo beadings, casement windows are a versatile option that can be tailored exactly to your liking. For more information about our casement windows and how we can work with you through the entire process, contact us here or give us a call on 0800 062 2103.

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